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    1. Metal Industry "Serving the metal bar processing
      industry since 1957"

      Meeco is the proven choice for effective
      engineering solutions customized to satisfy
      the most demanding applications.

      Metal Industry
      Meeco Can Do It All  Metal Fabricators
      Straighteners, Handling Equipment, Roll Assemblies, Installation, Training, and More. Spare parts are available for older Medart as well as Meeco equipment.
      Equipment Building / Rebuilding  Metal Industry
      We pride ouselves in building custom equipment that will provide many years of productive use. Or, We can rebuild your existing equipment.

      Processing Line Planning  Metal Fabrication
      Planning a new plant and/or a metal bar processing line? Let us review your equipment requirements.
      Bar Straightening Primer  Metal Finishing
      Check out our primer on how round bars are straightened with a 2Roll-2Motor Straightener.

      Some of our products and services are described on these pages. Please don't hesitate to call us for any of your metal bar processing needs or drop us a line at melmeeco@sbcglobal.net

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      Metal Fabricators

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